my thoughts

i think love requires us to be a little stupid sometimes.
i’ve seen movies and stuff—
and most of the characters there seem to have a little ignorance or little knowledge on deciphering each other’s feelings and reactions and translating them to the truth.

for example:
Pride and Prejudice
Though she may be very observant, she jumps to the wrong conclusions. Instead of thinking of the fact that “Oh, Mr. Darcy adores me ((imagine the british accent))”, she accused him of committing wrong against her sister, against his “old” friend and of other things.
She became a fool and oversaw the fact that she loves him too. And it was a good thing that Mr. Darcy still felt the same even after her reactions and careless words.

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
Duh, she is entirely clueless that her best boybud wants to be her best boyfriend. Completely dumbstruck that a movie star hunkie ((ignore the wrong grammmar—it’s poetic license)) has a huge crush on her, she completely didn’t see the fact that her boybud has been trying to win her heart.

There are others but my limited experience in love has blinded me in seeing them as of this moment. Perhaps later when my mind has fully refreshed itself ((being full hampers your thought)).


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