18 years and 364 days old

 i wake up staring at the bottom of my brother and father’s bed ((i was sleeping on this sofa bed with my mother)). And I was thinking 18 years 364 days old—-not entirely accurate. I wasn’t even sure if this year was a leap year. Nevertheless, it only meant one thing: one more day, and my life would turn for the “worse”.

i mean, i should think positive. what bad could it bring? i’m already of legal age, right? i’m only moving on a minute step to legality, if i may say so.

list of topics for today:
I haven’t worn a bra for the past three days, maybe two days—-I’m going to wear it today, I have to go somewhere to buy snacks. I’m getting enormously hungry for the past few days. Anyways, the reason for me having a sembreak was to actually fatten me up, you know? Free food, for once. I’m not paying for any cup of water or plate of rice.

Yesterday, the phone calls were irritating. I could imagine my dad shouting at me while I’m showering, “Why aren’t you answering the phone?”
And I would happily reply while my mouth was full with bathwater ((if you want to ask why, it was because I was lipsynching some song in my bath)), “Will you be at least proud that at least I’ve taken a bath now? I know you didn’t notice that I didn’t take a bath the other day…What kind of father are you?”
But then I was changing the topic.
I’m planning to hire a phone call “receiver”—again with the poetic license—-to take up my calls. I will never be in a call center.

I’m ready to find a vegetarian vampire as my boyfriend. Mimi said something funny to me.
Chai: “Hi everyone! I’m currently reading the third book of the Twilight series. My eyes are strained already”
Alma: “Give me a copy!”
Mimi: “Hai chai, makakilig jd na to the max”
Chai: “Yeah…mavampire jud ta ani tanan.”
Mimi: “Ok ra jd na basta si Edward ako mabana”

Okay, so it’s not that funny…but it was funny for me anyways. And I thought Edward was mine….hey, Kang thought that too. He’s such a womanizer. Sorry, bella.

i am 18 going on 19—–maybe I look naive

it was kinda an effort to read through Twilight: The Eclipse when reading it as an eBook in .pdf format.

hm—-why does this seem like dejavu. I think I’ve worn that shirt and used the same posing in one of my older pictures. Only I had a different hairstyle.

I was exhausted after reading three books of the Twilight ((in two days!!!)).

I was wondering how I looked like when I’m sleeping. Geesh, I looked horrible.

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