i’m letting the emptions get to me rather than the other way around


i think suppressing is a bad idea—it makes me want it more.
Now I’m calling him IT rather than HIM. It’s more of a right term. IT means disposable, unimportant—-HIM is too mysterious catchy and therefore, it’s too much of a bait.

Hey, is it obvious that I’m projecting my feelings to Edward Cullen, the vegetarian vampire in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight? Hehe. I am so obsess with him right now.
I’m watching the trailer again and again…November 21st would be a date to remember.
Ah…and in my reading the story is ending soon. hay….if my Edward’s story would end, i wonder where I will project my hurt? Did it want to hurt me? I guess so. It never cared. I can imagine IT now—-laughing as if it could read everything I’m typing now…Its eyes saying, my plan worked….she’s hurt and i’m winning…
It’s a pain knowing that my world with the vampires and werewolves would soon end. But I’ll begin to like reality—-but not love it as much as the Twilight movie has set me on.
I kinda understand now why Kang was able to finish all four books in a month ((during schooldays—-gessh)).

he looked cuter and much more kinder in Harry Potter, right? Although, he did die there.


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