made it through the night

it’s not that bad.
i was more worried about not getting my UBE cake.

i guess i just missed singing the “I am 16 going on 17—-” or I may for to the manly voice and sing “I am 17 going 18, I’ll take care of you”.
19—they don’t have a special song for being 19.
Maybe, I’ll compose one myself. If ever I have the time.

I’ll tell you about my morning while I’m on blogging mode.

WOKE UP at 5:22AM
read Sheela, Ryan and someone else’s message ((don’t know who the heck that person is))
later, Millet (camille)’s message appeared
Followed by mark’s “libre. libre. libre. laag. laag. laag” message

I ate spaghetti and drank my fresh milk—good, there’s still some milk left to pair up my upcoming UBE cake.
But the spaghetti and milk was a weird combo.

Hey. Mark just texted something so complicated I have to write this down.
“Haha. libre3x! According to Jean Piaget’s Developmental Theory ((I also learned that in Psych 11, I don’t need to be a practicing or a nursing student to know that)), ning leave na ka sa adolescence and entered young adulthood ((could he have said something much more calming?))! And imo na dilemma kay intimacy vs isolation. Di na ka mag identity crisis vs role confusion.”

Hm…wonder what that meant….
OoH…I better go invisible mode in my YM because mark may be online ((and no offense, mark)), I have to make up reasons why I don’t reply—-
he still scares the hell out of me. I really have faith on my womanly instincts….so hehe.

Anyways, let’s get back.
The first music I heard was Miley Cyrus’ 7 Things I Hate About You. That’s a bummer.
That wasn’t my choice—it’s the first thing I heard on TV.

Well—type other things later!!!
There’s still a lot of time to finish my Twilight reading.


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