missing my egg sandwich in dumaguete city

i know there’s a bigger issue to talk about compare to a stinking omelette sandwich over to the remote island of Negros Oriental—like my birthday, instance—but i really had to talk about missing the food.

so i was walking around town—finally wore a bra at least for 30 minutes—to shop around to get some food supply. i was disappointed with myself….all i really thought about to buy was a fresh milk carton. so i bought other supplies…then i went out of my mind and i looked for that magic sarap seasoning that was one of the ingredients of my favored omelette. I’ve seen it made so I have the right to say that I’m right.
And geez—-what a task that was. I didn’t see it in Gaisano, I didn’t see it in Geegee….believe me, I walked around the city for that Magic Sarap Seasoning Kris Aquino happily suggested in the TV. I mean, Kris A. was the endorser!!! I can’t believe the bigger stores didn’t have her product.
At least I found the product finally in Ria Thrifty Mart.

You want to know the ingredients of the well-tasted Omelette Sandwich? Well, aside from the sandwich—and the mayo and the catsup, here are the ingredients.
you need:
an egg ((it is still omelette you know, it’s a basic neccessity))
a dash of Magic Sarap Seasoning ((Hey, Kris Aquino—you’re advertisement worked on me. But don’t get too big headed))
a palmful of onions ((i sound so sure about the measurements but actually I’m not.—maybe it was a spoonfull of onions but I think that would be too much))
thin slices of cheese

Mix them all up and cook it in a pan….Voila! Wasn’t that easy?
But the store owner back in Dumaguete did it better.

Oh yeah, while I was walking around, there’s this guy that’s been bugging me. He had the audacity to stare at me noticeably—-sheesh, wish he would have been more discrete about that. It bothers me.
Edward, slay him!
Of course, you won’t. You’re on human blood diet.


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