Okay, I finally remembered to research for my supposedly well-known teacher…whom I have a hard time understanding because of the foreign words he uses during discussions. It’s probably me and not him.
Anyway, I googled him and here’s what came out.

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    Welcome to the StarLife Sunday Website[Cached Version]

    Published on: 7/6/2003

    Last Visited: 7/6/2003  

    Roberto A. Estoconing, faculty member of the Silliman University College of Business Administration and the manager of SU Cooperative Store, is one of this year’s National Gawad Aguila awardees.

    award is given to individuals who have succeeded in their chosen career
    and have made a name in community service.Established by San Miguel Corporation through its Gold Eagle Beer Department in cooperation with ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation,
    the award is based on Sikap, Tiyaga, Kusa, Pagpapahalaga sa Pamilya,
    and Pagsapi sa Kawaning Pangkomunidad of the awardees.Aside from hisEstoconing has been active in community projects.One of these is the Maluay Mothers’ Cooperative, an extension service program of the University.He
    established a livelihood program for the mothers of Maluay,
    Zamboanguita.The mothers have already started operating a canteen at
    the Maluay Santiago Delmo Memorial High School.

    The awarding of the honorees will be held at the ABS-CBN Cebu Station at a date to be announced later.We will be featuring Estoconing in a future column.
    responsibilities in the University,

I was dumbfounded. It was now confirmed….The reason I can’t understand his subject was because of me——-not because of his weird way of teaching. I’ve got to admit, though—-I’m not alone.
Okay, here’s more:

Roberto Estoconing

Estoconing of Tayasan, Negros Occidental finished his Bachelor’s
degree in Business Administration at Silliman University. After
graduation, he took a job as a teacher in Lanao del Norte where he also
served as the school’s guidance counselor and later, assistant
principal. After a year and a half in Lanao del Norte, he returned to
Silliman where he worked, initially, as a member of the office staff,
then as dormitory adviser and as part-time member of the faculty. He
was later hired as a regular faculty member in the economics
department, even serving as its chairperson for some time. Owing to his
many involvement and accomplishments, Roberto was the Outstanding
Faculty awardee of Silliman University in 1999. He was also a recipient
of the Nationa Agila Award in 2003, and his life story was featured in
the TV program Inspiring Life Story of IBC Channel 13 in September
2003. Roberto feels that he can best contribute to the development of
the country by participating in poverty alleviation programs of both
government and non-government organizations. He intends to pursue
graduate work in enterprise development and related fields having
direct impact on community organizations and rural development.

It even got his picture!! Can’t believe it…no wonder he’s got no friendster profile ((not that I know of))—he wouldn’t need it!!!

You noticed that I didn’t cite the sources—oh well, this isn’t an official research paper you know.

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