toss of a coin

have you ever read a text message which said if you toss a coin to have a final decision, the decision comes to you as you see yourself hoping for a choice?

i just did that.
I tossed this one coin, not really thinking of anything…
when i felt in in my hand—I wanted to play “choices”
The first thing that came to mind was “IT” whether “IT” love me or not—-
i was going to throw it properly but the coin slipped from my hand
and dropped itself to the ground.
i then said if it was tails—the IT love me
and if heads—IT doesn’t

I crouched down—my nearsightedness failed me—and i saw the answer.
HEADS—IT doesn’t love me

I’m not telling that I believe in tossing coins to make out something real.
But as long as the answer was a mystery to me—-
I was going to believe it.

After all,
all things considered
it seems like IT never did love me.
and IT never will.

How sad.
But it seemed like the most possible correct answer.


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