“We always pray for our loved ones but we should also find time
to pray for our past lovers
and hope that they are




Okay, that was a very bad start—-unjustifiable hurt and anger.
But I do have a reason for that.

You know when people use the asterisked words? (e.g. f**k y**, b***h, sh*t)
It’s a bad thing to say to someone in the face, right?

But I actually understand that it is kinda a release of anger, disappointment.

So saying these things in my blog ((the entries that are full of anger, sarcasm, etc.)) is a release of stress.

I hope that I would get over this soon.

My anger to IT will hopefully surpass.

Hm—how long? Maybe two years of complete absence of him in my thoughts ((I was going to erase the pronoun HIM and change it to IT for consistency, but I’d like to leave it there.))

I need time for this.

I’m not going to be a single maid for the rest of my life just because of this.

It’s unfair that he’s happy and I’m not.

I still would want a family; but I might proceed to my childhood dreams of killing the husband after the birth of my two children. joke, i think.



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