i was right

from the moment i came into this house from dumaguete (oct. 11, saturday)—–
and when the aircon was turned on.

i would never dare myself to close the window facing our garden ((at least it used to be one)).

And just today—-my dad discovered that there was a gigantic gecko near the window.
What if I was the one who closed the window always?
I was a magnet for geckos!!!!
What if it fell down on my hand—–how would I remove it??
They tell me that if a gecko gets stuck in your hand, don’t kill it—–it would lessen the chance that it can be removed from your skin…
You need a mirror to distract the gecko.
The stupid gecko would think it was his enemy and would attack it—-thus it removes itself from your skin.

Hm—-come to think of it, there was a lizard (the mini-gecko) near my bed this morning.
That was the reason I woke up and shuddered away from my bed.

That was a SIGN!!!!

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