Held Up: The Full Story of my Sister’s Experience with a Hold-upper

During my stay in Dumaguete, I received a text from my dad that my sister was held up by a man.
When I got home, I just had to hear the full details of the incident.

So the story goes like this—
She was walking around the city near a bank. She carried with her her newly-acquired tear gas (in a small container—-easily mistaken as a perfume bottle), a bag of barbecue and her treasured penshoppe 3fold umbrella.
She prepared her tear gas. She noticed that someone was eyeing her in the distance.
She admits that she should have run off with just that intuition but she didn’t change her direction. She moved on.
This guy approached her and told her to give him her things.

According to another guy in the scene ((who merely watched the scene happening—probably chickened out)), my sister shrieked, “Ayaw Ba! (trans: No!)”
The guy was carrying a gun, for pete’s sake and that’s all she could say???
And my sister held her tear gas ((this was efficient, she just acquired this thing 3 days ago)) near the face of the guy.
She remembered what my dad told her.
The tear gas is amazing it can reach up to 12 meters.
She pushed her finger down and *puff*—-
yes, it just puffed!
She was expecting much more effort than that.
After that, she said it kinda slowmotioned—–
the guy retreated a little and changed his facial expression to a grim disappointment,
pushed my sister lightly—
grabbed her bag of barbecue ((he probably thought it was something more of value))
and made a run for it.
My sister just looked at him go.

A guard finally went to her and told her she should be in the news—that was a very incredible and funny crime.

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