i’m currently in dumaguete right now—-
that explains my longest absence in the online world.
But I have to enjoy the free Wi-Fi connection in this hotel place before I transfer to my new place.

i have to tell you one good news.
even though i had to endure a 3-hour landtrip on a rich-smelling ((not our car)), closed ((only the aircon supplied us the air to breathe)) car.
i am so glad that they don’t require me to converse.
if i open my mouth, i’m afraid that i’d throw up.

—-i can’t relate to their jokes very much.
i was thinking that i was too UNchinese to understand the words coming out of their mouth.
though, i was kinda sure it was all cebuano.
they keep talking about business.
i even saw Ishen in the cafe we were eating.
Oh, he and I aren’t friends.
we were classmates once.
i knew him because he’s the owner of the only actual mall in the downtown area of Dumaguete City.
I guess they were having a meeting on the coming competition of their branch in Dipolog—-and how the market seems to be fond of window shopping than actually spending money.

i think what helped me in getting over the throwing up fits I usually do is my sister’s iTouch.
I have to buy something like this.
I can connect to the internet with this too ((but since I have a new laptop, that won’t be necessary)).

next topic:
being heard but not being able to listen.

that’s very unfair.
my life is an open book ((or rather an open blogsite)).
every aspect of my thoughts, except for those which are rated to be too obscene for the public view, are displayed here.
and it hurts me when i am being heard but there’s no way that i can listen.

it’s kinda feels ALONE.

A relationship you’ve been struggling with finally feels like it’s back in balance.

artistic side is out in force, though you are probably feeling more
appreciative than creative at the moment. You should be able to spruce
up your home or office and make it much more livable.

This is for tomorrow’s horoscope.
I just wanted to make sure, there’s something worth looking forward for the next day’s event.

this is all for today—or for this moment.
i might be online a little bit later.
for now, ciao! 🙂 —i wonder what’s ciao in Chinese.


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