back in Ozamiz City

damn. I forgot to buy that egg sandwich I’ve been craving in Dumaguete.
Oh well—I can’t complain on my forgetfulness.

the trip went quite well for the sole reason that I did not vomit for the whole 7 hours of travel (four hours in the sea, three hours on the bus). but I did almost vomit in the boat—but it was not because of motion sickness.
it was most probably because of the stinky female restroom.

well–I just had to pee.

i had a hard time sleeping last night.
And I could easily tell that it was not because of my excitedness to go home.
it was painful.
i guess it finally hit me.
let me tell you why it hit me today rather than any other day.

7:00PM Cafe Antonio
I had dinner with Kainne, Sheemah and her boyfriend Francis.
We had a small talk about what’s happening.
Sheemah was kinda picking up little fights with her boyfriend.
It seemed funny really—-her boyfriend never gets angry.
He’s as patient as a St. Bernard.
He even looks like one—–a Chinese St. Bernard.
anyways, suddenly they were talking about expecting a friend bringing another friend here in Cafe Antonio.
Sheemah seemed excited about the friend ((she should remember that her boyfriend is here)).

They came—-I forgot their names. I only remember that both of their names start with letter “J”. They were brothers and they came to Dumaguete because they were attending the Unigames event that even the ADMU basketball players came.
SO, this other guy began talking—–too much.
He realized that I was silent on all the conversation and took me to his attention.

Of all one-line conversation openers he had to ask this:
“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Sheemah was laughing.
I just sneered at her and told her to just laugh until she drops.
My usual reply was SECRET.

I was going to say Yes.
But that would be a lie.
And that would help me get rid of guys flirting or at least trying to flirt.

if I’m going to say No,
I will be helpless.
believe me.

ARGH!! It’s so frustrating to realize that I don’t have a boyfriend!
Now who will be my excuse to guys trying to flirt.
and also, this pain. it gets more hurtful every after break-up.
I don’t think I can carry this again.
I almost got to crying last night.
So—-I got up at 12MN (I’m supposed to wake up at 4AM for my boat) and went down to the lobby to ask for water…watched Disney Channel until I got tired.
hay—the single life.
I’ll get use to this.
I’ve been single more than the times I’ve been taken.

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