calm down

there was a rush of fear during the La Salle (i usually prefer calling it ICC, LA SALLE seems to be an overstatement) sportsfest…and no, it was not because I was surprised to see a lizard near the red emergency fire button.

but i did squeal like a pig when i saw that mini-gecko.

you should have heard that. next time when i feel like screaming—i’m going to record it for you.
okay, so what i was saying was that there was a bit of a fright in the campus—–a pre-halloween special?
no, i was the only one that got cold feet.

i thought for sure i saw his mother ((now that i realize—-i’m not so sure on how she looks like, i tend to be forgetable about people but no matter, i seem to be forgetable to it’s quite fair.)). she was a light-haired lady ((probably went to the salon and made some gay beautician do that)) wearing purple and yellow. i think she looked at me and probably was familiar with me too.
i just bulged my eyes.
another reason i thought of her as his mother was she mentioned the name of his brother.
and there was a cake that has his brother’s name…
his 11th birthday?
I’m not so sure now.

When we got illegal entrance to the IS, the guard ignored me ((well—that was darn fine)).
I saw her again—this time with a little girl with straight brown hair——and i thought for sure that was his other sister…the younger one.
AGHH!!!! I must be imagining things…what am I thinking?!
slap on right cheek
slap on left cheek

wake up!!

okay, there’s another big news.
sheela and mark had a fight.
i was puzzled really that while we were walking in the IS campus—–sheela suddenly grabbed my arm along with nica’s.
and she walked really really fast as if to outrun mark.
then, mark suddenly disappeared.

later—sheela then explained that she was very annoyed at mark.
i said that i will support her wherever her decision leads to.
i get annoyed with mark too.
and i always tell nica and sheela secretly to never leave me alone with mark.
it’s an awkward thing when the guy who had a crush on you would be alone with you, right?
i get scared of him.

gosh! if forgot to bring my cam!
i spotted a lot of HS friends there.
1. Charles
2. Lito
3. Christine Villa
4. Gian
5. Jairus
6. Cresana
7. Richard Daaca ((my ex-dance partner in Elementary, he carried me so well sauna))
8. Ryan

log off!!

oh ignore that “would you go crazy if I suddenly stopped blogging” blog entry—–maybe.

we’re going to IS today again.
we’re going to accompany nica and her enrolment to ICC—huhuhu. she’s going to leave IIT. gr…i wish somehow i could help her.
ryan’s going to libre us man pud. hehe. yeay!! finally—-
we’re gonna see the sportsfest…to spot the old HS friends.


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