walking around ozamiz 2nd chapter

me and my twin dog!! šŸ™‚

First things first.
This is the video of the doggy Jonica borrowed from Jonille’s classmate.
Aw…so kawaii.
Her name is Madonna and she’s like my little baby.
I wish I have this kind of dog.
I’m gonna name it Marmalade.
Aw…mwah. mwah. Ew..I can’t believe I just dedicated those words to a dog.
Watch it.


another place to go in Ozamiz City?
for me, I never miss a sembreak or summer vacation going to Calalang to get my well-craved Kikiam for 6Php per piece.
Mark was treating us—–but it was clear it wasn’t favorable to him.
Geesh—he shouldn’t be so obvious that he didn’t like treating us.

aw..sheela’s so cute…like a dog.
kring and me—-all smiles.

mark is entering.
this is probably his first strike in getting on the nerves of Sheela.

finding a way to get all of us in the picture.

another way—-

me—talking. geesh. i have huge lips.

another place?
spotted. Jethro.

being a photographer has its disadvantages.

i’m not here also.

i was hoping i could cut this picture and paste it with all the others…but it’s not worth the effort.

i’m sure I have a picture with these four people in the same position. hehe.

t-shirts of the day——shirts with faces.

(currently LSU)

i saw this magazine under the guidance counselor’s table—–and I’m sure I remember this guy being a Lasallian brother in our campus when I was still in elementary. Bro. RICKY!!! But I almost forgot him….the brothers I remember were Bro. Manny (we have the same birthday), Bro. Laurence, Bro. Gabby (?), Bro. Arian, Brother Rey, Bro. Hans, Bro. Sockie—-wow! I do remember a lot diay. I get tired completing the list. So, stop.


woah—-happy halloween, you guys!

eyeliner mania!! we like getting stared at like we’re freaks when we enter the campus.

look whose name is on the top! Jia Rubio, I’m so proud of you!! šŸ™‚

  Jonica—-imprisoned in LSU. Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of there. Someday, somehow—-I’ll transfer you to MSU-IIT again.

The school seal on the ceiling.


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