it’s raining again.
you know, it’s such a funny thing——it always rains when I sing.
i don’t treat it as God’s insult—at least not anymore—-I think God knew that I didn’t want anyone else to hear me sing and play my dad’s guitar so he let it no one else could hear it.

okay—time to be a narcissist again.
having an entry of self-appreciation once in a while helps me boost up my self-esteem.
that’s not a joke.
it’s the truth.

mister donut available in ozamiz city.


ube cake—during my birthday.


ooOooh—–that’s not me.

not my fave book—-i’m obsessed with twilight right now. but i kinda like the title of this book——i can relate to it.

waiting for the right time to pull out the black heads——–


still not hard enough—

my innocent roommate, fate, asked me why people closed their eyes while kissing.
this is the explanation. your partner would look like this close up.
hehehe, joke, nica! 🙂

i’m warming up the quivering doggy with my feet.

bird’s eyeview

wala lang

claro ang make-up?

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