voila! + my traumatic experience

So, I’m stuck on deciding starting on a good news or a bad news—–maybe, it’s better if I stick to saying the bad news first before the good news….since the bad news might get drowned by the good news…hopefully.

I was in the PhilHealth office about 10AM today—–and while I was filling up the forms I needed to give to the “payment processor”, there was this weird guy directly behind me and was obviously watching the papers I’m holding.
First, I excused myself, thinking that this guy wanted my spot or something—I moved a little bit away from him but he followed me and continued on watching my papers.
After that, I looked at him—–and he was looking at me.
I suddenly asked him angrily, “Naay problema?” (Is there a problem?)
And this guy seemed to not hear me and continued looking at me.
the nerve of this guy.

So, i kicked him—-the police tried to stop me but oh! I was ready with my newly acquired teargas—–so he suffocated himself until he died.

I just left him alone.
Gr….if there were no witnesses, I would have done it.


1. I got a 4.0 on my psychology subject.
hehe. Even after the absences, I still got a 4.0.
Go Chai! 🙂

2. Viola!

okay! the faces were supposed to be mine—but I couldn’t do it.
I’m not that good.
The only clue that I was intending it to look like me was the mole on the face near the eye.
but it looks cute.
I’m going to use it on my multiply account. hehe.


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