the longest days of silence

school has definitely started.
and i’m exhausted.
no not because of any schoolwork—-i just want to sleep all day not even worrying about the workload up ahead of me.
so, i already used my multiply account: —-add me if you can.
i just transferred my things from Insular to Boarding house.
Finally—I can save loads of cash in food if I’m with Kang.
I only spent 150 in almost two days for food.

new post from Multiply site:
College life sure sucks—
But we all know we’re
going to miss it someday.”


I moved out from my previous place to a boarding house right across my college building.
It was pretty easy moving my things—-the problem lies on arranging them.
was going to take a picture of my locker but I think the photo wouldn’t
be suitable for public viewing so I will let your mind wander in order
to imagine what it means to be a resident in my locker ((Imagine
yourselves as pests)).

at my locker (a few hours ago)—–I realized that I should do
something about it but my body won’t even let itself lift a finger.

I “unconsciously realized” that I could save myself the effort by just
explaining to witnesses of this ongoing war in my locker that I just
moved in, give me a break.

I do also realized that my excuse could only save me for two weeks. Any
more than that and people will have an epiphany that I am a very
disorganized person and I only say excuses to defend my laziness.



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