A Story of Letting GO

The following is a story related by my Literature 21 Teacher last semester. As the title of this blog denotes—-this is a story of letting go.
The following is modified according to what I remember and what my simple vocabulary can offer.

Here’s what I think my teacher proceeded with the story:
“I was walking along the boulevard at peak noon. When I noticed this couple, being in one of those outrageous struggles lovers say to be dealing———–
the girl was crying
the guy was kneeling in front of her.
Clearly—-he was trying to ask for her forgiveness
But the girl would see none of it.
The girl shook her head as she removed a golden ring from her finger
But the guy wouldn’t accept it.
So the girl threw the ring out on the sea—–

Now, after years of the incident…
the girl was said to be buying a fish in the public market.
it was an extraordinarily huge fish.
when she returned home and sliced the fish…
what do you guess she saw inside?”

The ring?
Let her continue…

“TINA-I, unsa man diay ang sulod sa isda??
Let go of the past NA!!”



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