Flipping Thoughts

It is a puzzlement.

I have learned in my Marketing class—-
—that needs and wants can be compared in the following example:

you NEED a toothpaste
but you WANT colgate

you NEED a cellphone
but you WANT a sony ericsson phone

you NEED make-up
but you want MAC make-up

i wonder how this sounds…
and which of these sound more of the truth.

i NEED a man in my life
but i WANT it to be him.


i NEED him
and i WANT no one else

do i make a choice?
or can i be presented with another one?


hm—another predicament.
so i’LL get over him.
take note of the emphasis.
so after that…
what will happen?

do i ignore him?
as if he was some thick air
nothing important..nothing now nor ever

do i let him see my anger?
do i stare with displease
—my nose would stir away from the noxious stench he exudes

do i move away before he sees me?
when i see him should i just walk another way?

another set of questions:
what if he had friends with him?
—friends that i also have a particular relationship to attend.

do i…
say a general “HI” to everyone without inserting names so that i can be safe?
and immediately run to the nearest exit?

do i…
say hello and look at everyone except him?
and take my time slowly finding the way out?


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