i am a dude

nevermind the title, it’s the first line that came into mind.
did you know that i just intentionally marked myself absent during today’s SG assembly?
Well—I got tired.
and—-I want to enjoy the time.

I’m going to enjoy MY TIME!
MY DRESS ((bought it from the internet for 130 + 100 (for shipping)=230, what a buy!))
I’m going to cut my hair plus perm it this friday…it was supposed to be LAST friday but then my schedule was full.

oOooh…gawd, i want to be happy.
i really do.
but sometimes, i just feel so alone.
Go chai!
Be happy!!!! 🙂


I just vaguely realized why some resort to suicide…
it’s a case of curiosity…
who follows after you when you voluntarily steal your life away.
who’ll cry?
who’ll laugh?
who’ll follow?

Before you think I’m going psycho—and die!, think again.
I do have hopes in life.
But I want something else other than hope to make want to live longer.


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