Blog Entry How to do your face exercises without anybody knowing you’re doing it Dec 8, ’08 8:41 PM
for Charmine’s network
It’s not only face exercises that I do every morning while Kang is taking a bath, MWF.
I also do dancing.
As some person, who probably died now, said, “Dance like there’s nobody watching.”
I think that’s what he said.
I think.

Step 1: Be certain.
Make sure no one’s there.
That no one is coming in a minimum period of 10 minutes (give yourself more time, you might get addicted to dancing nonsensically). If it helps, get to know your roommates’ schedule, their average bathing time, their average “business time” (it’s either their peeing/uhm..doing the bigger business), etc.
Make sure the windows are closed.
Especially for the first timers, lock the door. Any squeak or steps on the hallway might make you anxious—it will steal all the fun out of it.

Step 2: While dancing/doing your face exercises, BE ALERT!
It will help if you know your roommates’ walking pattern—-this is so that you won’t mistake someone else’s footstep (probably going to the room in front of you) as your roommates’.
You might lose yourself in your activity—but leave room for alertness. Always remember that it will be embarrassing for you if they will see what you do behind your back.

Step 3: Play the Music that defines your soul.
My favorite face exercise/dancing music as of now is “That’s Not My Name” by the Ting Tings.
I memorized my own dance routine for this. Hehe. But you never will, I repeat, NEVER will see this routine.
Music changes time to time. But I’ve been with this song since last semester.



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