Late Blog Entry for November 27 (Some things do not apply to me concurrently)


These are the bad things that came up the moment I realized i was awake.

received reply from mimi—
that yes twilight was showing and robert pattinson was “angayan”
it would have been less painful if she just said…yes, twilight was showing.
but not too much harm done. >(‘__’)<

i texted everyone who’s globe or tm on my phone list—-and i realized that i wasn’t subscribed to unlitxt nor sulitxt.

i realized that i wanted for him to ask me if i wanted him back—
not because i would say yes (still thinking about the deal i made with my dumaguete friends…treat them at the fancy shmanzy don attiliano if i get back with him)…
just to know that i am needed somewhere.
but that would be really unfair for him, right?
i, happy and gay, because i realized that i am needed or wanted by someone
him, sad and lonely, because i rejected him.
i just had to realized i’m needed somewhere without him.

the cockroach, that’s been staying on the sink for two days in the same position, is gone this morning. i sure hope he didn’t jump into my laundry.


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