The Natural Things we call Inconvenience

Oo, hassle btw ko sa
imo pro ayaw pud ko
basta2ha na imo q
walaon sa imong
kinabuhi kbalo ko
masakitan pud ka…

-Balahibo sa ilok ngyaw2


I use to think of this as an act of gender inequality.
don’t give me that face—-i have may reasons for thinking of that.
males that have armpit hair are more accepted compared to females with the same armpit condition.
it disgusts me when i see commercials wherein in this beach, women were running around in bikinis—with their flawless bods and whoops! no armpit hair.
and guys would come panting after them—-with their “ONE” (blob) or SIX packs and eww! armpit hair——(they haven’t touched those since their puberty started).
but I’ve come to think of it as the fault of commercialism—and how they are an endangerment of the image of beautiful women–defined only so as young, tanned, fit as a fiddle walking sticks…
and the image of men—as Gastons (I’m talking about that guy character from Beauty and the Beast), successful, heavy built, brutes.

This leads to a topic we call THE NATURAL THINGS WE CALL INCOVENIENCE…
having armpit hair is a natural thing.
and people are calling it an inconvenience.
okay, so i also shave—pluck—wax!!!
ahem…but it’s their fault, i needed to conform to the norms to be able to walk along the side of civilization!


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