one text message. (one day)
and it almost shattered my concentration.
it was easy to divert my attention really—i just immediately deleted it—-no trace of its existence.
it’s as if my cellphone never had it in its inbox.
it’s as if it’s one of my crazy imaginations.

i mean, he could just send one text message and that’s all….
if i make it a problem,
it’ll make him win and me lose again.

one misscall. (two days after)
it’s easy to erase the memory of it….
clear all calls…
never bother lingering on the thought on who misscalled and why….

another misscall—that can’t be right. (the next day)
he’s playing with my mind.

another misscall—(a few hours later)
he needs more effort and words than that to convince me to reply….
after all, kang mentioned that—
i shouldn’t reply to him anymore.
at least she implied that by asking me, “you’re going to reply to him.”
i stuttered, N-No..of course not.


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