Dec 22, ’08 4:56 AM
for Charmine’s network
  • Robert Pattinson is my idol.
  • I love my hair curled and could possibly stay that way until I would go for a professional look.
  • I like looking good but I can’t bear myself using face powder, facial wash and other MEANS of improving one’s aesthetics.


Of course, Robert Pattinson—I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the Twilight character, “Edward Cullen”. He has that aged debonair yet modern look, if you know what I mean (If you know what I mean, there must be something wrong with you because I’m not actually making sense here). But it is not only for that reason [he brought to life the undead (not so exactly dead coz it’s moving) vampire hearthrob] that R-Pat (he hates that nickname but at least it’s short) is my idol. I liked the fact that he doesn’t care how he handles his hair.
In fact, people are idolizing his hair….they frequently ask him what does he do with his hair and who styles it!! I remembered that the guy playing Carlisle simply answered that if you just DON’T wash your hair—you can copy R-Pat’s style. I would really like to look good without the effort. Promise, I do.

I love my hair curled and possibly it will stay that way til Kingdom come. There’s a reason for that. If you have had your hair curled, what’s the one request your hairstylist would say to you.
I can hear the allelujahs now…you’re saving at least 1 minute per day with NOT COMBING YOUR HAIR. And I have to tell you, it takes effort for me to comb my hair….with my permed hair, I will be able to excused myself from letting that plastic small teethed thingamaginga rolling down my hair!!!

Don’t mistake me….people tend to mistake me for someone who does not care about my look. Yes, I DO!
I just like not trying so hard in keeping my hopes up that after 7 days of use my skin would be lighter—-
and VOILA! it didn’t…
And I don’t like barbie to be the guiding light on assessing one’s beauty and what-not. hai….
I may have more to say but my fingers are getting tired.


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