i am projecting my torn feelings to an impossible individual: a vampire.

This is so stupid.
I am expecting myself to be a little more mature than this.

I honestly do not know how many clips I’ve seen of Robert Pattinson’s interviews (He’s the guy playing Edward Cullen, FYI).
But I guess I could understand my enthusiasm to hear every snicker, giggle, mutters—the British accent is one that dazzles but not necessarily enlightens one person such as myself.
Every twilight fanatic—may it be for the book or the movie—is sharing this kind of feeling.
But I have my reasons and you know I have them…
It’s kinda sad…
to be depending on someone that would drift away to fantasy—-sand blown away by wind…little by little.
But I would be depending on this entity as long as I have no one to cling on.

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