the wind blew the hair off my face—–
good thing my hair was shorter now….it didn’t bother my sister at all when my hair moved to her direction.

but i was waiting for it….
i was counting mentally—–holding my breath:





Oh. Funeral Homes…


and her cue came up.
“Oi chai, how’s —toot—-“

Okay. Okay. I was in my dad’s car in the  municipality of Tudela. It didn’t help that IT’s house was planted just next to the highway!
Let me define IT—if you think you’ve forgotten this word. IT is the guy I used to go out with…and I am in danger of going back to him if I don’t lay down my own rules for my benefit. Done.

I was beside my sister in the front seat.
My mom was at the back—-she was the one who asked me how IT was.
“Mom..we haven’t talked for a long time.” (so they think it’s been years since we made contact, but the truth was we last saw each other about three months ago—but that was still considered a LONG TIME, right?)
“Aw—you should ask him how’s he doing. Did he have another girlfriend or is he busy?”
“Mom, we got into a fight and we will never get out of it EVER!!!”
“Mom, if I hear his name again—I’d cut my sister’s ear right now.”

That was it. I was putting my foot down.
No one is to EVER make mention of his name unless necessary—or unless you are referring to another person with the same name.

They listened.
After we got back there again—my brother, who was not in the car in the above event, said,
“I haven’t heard about *toot* in a long time”
“Ton, have you noticed that even mother is not talking about him. I suggest you do the same if you want peace in your life.”

He listened.
So much for the affectionate one.


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