woah….i think the way i live now is probably okay compare to what i expect.
my exercise—–
hiding my cellphone from view—-so that i would stop glancing at it from time to time, pretending to look at the time when i’m really just expecting more misscalls and one message…and other forwarded messages from my friends.
hiding my cellphone—then taking effort in looking for it…like for now, i’m putting my cellphone out of my hand’s reach. And if I want to see my phone with those messages and misscalls, I have to stand up and grab it…
Or I’d intentionally leave it in my room for at least 30 minutes (longer than that is a challenge). Then, from the living room—I’d walk to my bedroom, check my phone…then walk away leaving it behind and wait for at least 30 minutes.

i’m on invisible mode for most times using my old account.
I’m planning to close it soon anyways…I’ll keep checking what services did I sign up my e-mail for so that I can move it to my new account.
i am still spying on him…but at least with a better perception—I’m looking for signs that will say that I should not be incline to reply to his misscalls. If he does send me messages, i wouldn’t know how to react. It would probably depend on the content.
Senseless messages as bo!—-I think it can be ranked as equal to the misscalls.

OooH….i should enjoy the rest of my days here. If I don’t, he wins.


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