A Thought.

I had a dream.
I was in the soccer field, if you call grass patched area that, of my high school campus—only in my dream, it was bigger.
There were a lot of people there.
It seemed that there was a celebration.
A sportsfest.
People were filling up the place, playing soccer—-waving flags and walking around watching games.
I was walking around and I saw…
his brother…
his sister…
his other sister…
his parents…
I hear that he’s here, some people were murmuring that.
I looked around.
And he isn’t.

I reluctantly told my roommate about the dream.
I was embarrassed to mention his name.
It was too long ago—the last time I mentioned his name.
And she told me, maybe you won’t ever get to see him again.
I said, oh okay. Duh.

“It gets hard ’til today when I get to mention your name
Recalling back,
I tried to remember when was the last time I got to mention your name
But my memory got blurred
And certainty is slurred..
Because I don’t know when I mentioned your name—-or when I screamed it out loud…..in my mind.”


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