ows kring?!


oh do tell, tel.
what is he?
or is it proper to ask if he is a he?
we are after all, living in the world where the unexpected becomes the reality we are unconsciously living in.
so if i ask if he is a he—I’m just exemplifying that men and women are equal…if the guy-to-guy relationship is accepted, so is the girl-to-girl relationship. go girl power!!! 🙂

let’s go back to our inert reality….
hm…kinsa na?
how does he look like?
do i know him…..
if i do know him, watch out! i haven’t known a guy who deserves your attention…bwahahaha. joke.
well—joke kaha to?
or deep inside i do feel that I am speaking of the truth….

go with the details, kristel….


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