the predicament towards the BORACAY fieldtrip

Nope, the boracay fieldtrip is still moving forward—and you see that’s the problem!!!
Just one week ago, my teacher in Marketing announced that we will be making a TV ad, Radio ad, brochure, poster and tarpaulin for our favorite coffee stop, Cafe Antonio.
Okay, so we have two weeks to do that.
*Gulp* Minus the 4-day trip for our Economics—Bora!!!
So we are currently on the high—I haven’t been sleeping for longer than 6 hours a day (my normal is 8!!!) and I have pimples this morning that I didn’t notice developing since it’s been a few days since I’ve REALLY LOOKED into the mirror….It helps that my hair is permed so I don’t need to comb it.
And not to mention, Portal (the Yearbook committee) is tugging at the corner of my shirt right now (stops typing to slap on Portal). See?
OOooH….there’s this other management subject (Business Research) tugging at the other side of my shirt!!!

Well—anyways, I liked doing the marketing stuff.
I’m currently the video editor, videoman (or girl, go girl power—-I’m enrolling for women’s studies next semester), co-director, layout artist….if there are other positions I missed, I’ll be posting again. hehe.

Now, about my personal life—-
I’m enjoying not having time to think about things that occupy your mind when you let it wander on your own….
I’ll be posting once again.
It’s nice to be back online.


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