Just a few moments ago, I called the secretary of the President (SU) to confirm some documents.

She was stern when she received my call and asked me to come over to get the documents.

I was so dazed at her response that I immediately walk to the office.

Know what I got?

A lousy lecture about phone courtesy.

Not the documents.

The secretary just gave me about two minutes (believe me, it seemed longer than that) of etiquette and I just kept smiling..but deep inside I was actually laughing at her cloudy mind.

Haha. I could exclude her from the Yearbook—-

or write a Weekly article about her incompetence and uncourteous treatment to students that are actually paying her—-

or I could write a letter to the president itself.


Or…I could just do nothing

but laugh and pity her for her old age.

What do you think I would do?



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