i am convinced

perfectly convinced.

okay, i know there’s something wrong with my eyes…but there’s really something wrong with my perspective—not my eyesight…but how i see myself.

i might have a psychological disease concerning how i see myself.

gosh. i can’t believe i didn’t see this disease until now.
every time i look in the mirror, i think my face is deformed…either my nose is so flared up,
my eyes are so clearly mismatched
sometimes i think my pores are making my face look like the moon.
i can’t find the side where my bangs should droop…
because I can’t seem to find a good angle…
or an asset on my face.

I think my face changes for every day—either from better to worst.

I saw this clip from Oprah when I was still in high school…
there was this guy—who was kinda gayish but that doesn’t matter—who is handsome, no bias here.
but everytime he looks in the mirror, he sees something ugly—-
—-he doesn’t eat cereal with milk coz it’s bad for the skin so he mixed it with water
—-and other remedies that is so unnecessary because he is handsome.

i laugh at his craziness—but maybe I’m like him but only in a milder case.
I realized this because my friend asked me about it
and I said that everytime I look in the mirror, I seem to change—DEFORMED, in a better term.

Someone cure me.
I think I’m quite ugly.
And I don’t think I need to know if I’m pretty or not…
But I just wish I get contented with how I look before I turn into those Beverly Hills female who are so plastic surgerized…..
time to check my other blog.

on the same conversation with a friend who revealed to me that I might have a possible psychological disease…she also asked me if i was scared to —-gulp—-grow old alone—-as an old maid…..with cats!!!

Well, I answered her that yeah, I have thought about that.
A person with an attitude like me—-has a 78% possibility of growing to an old maid.
It scares me to grow old alone
can’t reach the floor when I need to pick something up
and CATS!!!

But I think I’m still going to be happy.
I hope I’m right.
I did have plans in living long.
Though my vitamin intake doesn’t support the previous statement.


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