Business Research Defense: DONE

Finally, I can freely brea—-*Cough* *Cough*—ahem, breathe.
Oh gosh, I’m SICK!
You know that while I was doing my defense, my voice squeaked.
And while I was manning the laptop for the presentation, I was coughing and I was on the verge of the choice of running outside and vomiting.
I would have concluded that I was pregnant but seeing the possibility—-as non-existent, I scratch out the idea.
I’m sick.
And my remedy was sleeping for 9 hours last night.
I was okay for a few hours in the morning, declaring it was a miracle but then I feel like vomiting afterwards.

Maybe I need more sleep.

New IDEA!!!
I think I’ll keep my hair short but straighten it….but that’s for next year. hehe. 🙂


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