darn. at least i have friends.

Date Made: February 28, 2009
Date to be Published: Unknown

My breath smells of kalamansi pancit canton and chilidog in the fresh start of the last day of the month.
Here I am alone in the amphitheater—-
not exactly alone….but by spirits, maybe, yes, definitely maybe.
Just across my vision, are three students talking around.
A few moments ago in another corner of my vision, is a couple probably having their date…
on the other end of this long bench I’m sitting—-is a guy sitting alone—-listening to his cellphone blare music inappropriate to my mood.
I would have bet my life that these students are nursing students.
Simply because they are wearing white….but the thing is I’m also wearing white right now.
It would be wrong to assume myself as a nursing student.
for I am me…
and not them.
Enough of this confusing crap, for I am in the happiest mornings I’ve had for a long time.

Just almost an hour ago (as of presstime), while I was using Ayleen’s laptop to play the Day Care Nightmare game…Ayleen suddenly asked me.
What would you do if someone is courting you right now?
Kang laughed. What a question!
I simply answered Nothing and moved on in caring for a baby vampire (in the game) who would bite me if I wouldn’t change his diapers.
You know, chai, I would really want to see that smile on your face back again.
What smile?
The one I saw on the picture on your scrapbook.

She was talking about those pictures of gradball—where I was so happy with my partner.
Do I really look different compare to those pictures?
yeah, you look happier there than now.
But that was a long time ago.
Nevertheless, I would really find someone who’s going to make you happy. Someone who’s shown you someone your ex hasn’t shown you—done what he should’ve had. You even went to *toot* to go to him….at far lengths. What about Ryan?

Ryan….that guy I wrote about in a blog…I was so scared that he got my picture.

What about Dio?
Uhm…what? Isn’t he?
Let’s just assume that he’s not…ahem. So, what if he likes you?
We’d get into a fight a lot.
Let’s just assume that he’s into you.
Denied. Next?

Then Kang said: The boys here do not deserve attention.
They’re so deluded in their own miserable image.
If they’re handsome, either they’re taken…
bad boys…
or they are so into themselves that they begin to like the same sex.

What about Ate Kim’s brother?
Well, he’s kind, unselfish, funny—
yeah, I kinda like him because he’s funny to talk to.
Ayleen cut me off and said isn’t he a bit too outdoorish—I mean he has this look! This unclean, not dressed-right kind of look.
Hm…I don’t really care about how I wear either.
So, choose him!
Why would I have to choose?
Why not him?
Well—-I think I just don’t want to think about him or anyone else for now.


So, the thing that’s making me happy right now is that I have tons of friends who’s trying to revive my smile.
at least I have friends.


One thought on “darn. at least i have friends.

  1. wah???di lagi mi kakitag mapares nimo dire… hehheheehhe..ingna imo friends dira nga goodluck jud nila if makakita silag trip nimo…(^^,) murag naa jud kay dapat isulti sa amo pag-uli nimo chai…-nica-

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