lost it again

My ID is gone!!
just between the 4PM and 6PM.
Huhuh….I was inattentive to my things because I was so sick…..but don’t worry, I just got my new ID.
But I still want my old one.
We shared beautiful memories together.

Still used my old picture—-I like it! But still I want the old one. Especially with that THICK black lanyard….:)

While I am being very concerned with how perceptive beauty is becoming to my poor eyesight or psychological disease, another problem has come across.
And this is a guy named toot.
Although he doesn’t know my website, I’m being safe.
Darn, this all started when he kept asking about me through my friend Kang.
He asked her for the nth time if I have a boyfriend….and being a perfect friend, Kang won’t talk about my personal matters to anyone.
Second situation: He texted Kang that he saw me and my boyfriend walking together.
That was dio!
Ahem—-a person that I’m not quite sure if I should label for his sexual preference. I should limit my post about him, he’s in the same room with me right now.


And I believe he was secretly taking pictures of me—-talk about being overacting on my side.
He wouldn’t go far, would he?
I’m not that attractive to go crazy around, right?
Am I even attractive?
I think *shit* would actually be more interesting compare to me.



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