Boracay Trip: Will Add Pics Here SOON ENOUGH

Fieldtrip Summary (Bacolod-Iloilo-Boracay and back!)–underconstruction Feb 22, ’09 4:33 AM
for Charmine’s network

The Experience in Pictures

The meet-up time was 12AM Thursday. Before the fieldtrip, I went to Sheemah’s room to surprise Fate for her birthday!! So we did a little shopping—-bought some donuts to present it as a birthday cake (got this idea from my boardmate). and decorated the hall with confetti and paper flowers. Justine and Ate Ivih was with us when we slowly climbed up the stairs at exactly midnight. Justine turned off the lights in the hallway and started knocking on the door. We heard Fate’s squeaking voice, probably because of fear since she was all alone in the room, asking if there’s somebody there. We just continued knocking and after a few minutes, Fate reluctantly open the door and we screamed surprise!!! Poor little thing, she was still shivering from fear when we gave her the cake, showed her the decorated hallway and when justine gave her present.

Sheemah and I then went to the CBA building to wait for 1AM—-our vans were due to arrive at that time. It was said that the limit for each van is 12—-but we reached 14 in Van no. 3. I didn’t want to separate from Sheemah and the window…so 5 petite (fortunately) were sandwiched together in one row.

the trip to bacolod was 6 hours…so by 7AM, we already arrived bacolod and stopped at this lavish hotel….and I thought we were going to have our breakfast there…Uh-oh, big mistake. It was one of our comfort room stops…hehe. And we even took pictures there! How embarassing.

So, we proceeded to breakfast in a less lavish place with beef steak and sunny side up egg…this was where I took my 2nd bonamine. Haha.

After another hour of traveling, we finally came to one of our tour stops: a manufacturing company that exports handmade designed furnitures and stuffs like that to Europe. Before the financial crisis hit the world, they had a hard time fulfilling the demand of their European customers.

We then went to our lunch place, still in Bacolod. It was this fancy resto and the speakers were waiting for us.

I have to admit. I only got a few hours of sleep, constantly disturbed by my head banging on the window of the van. I know the topic was interesting—–but I was pretty sleepy. I had to close my eyes one after another to rest my one eye while the other is looking at the speaker. But I was amazed at the fact that my classmates really want to be business people rather than employees—-and they’d rather stay in the Philippines than work outside. Now if only majority of the graduates were like that, the lesser number of job openings won’t be much of a problem.

Moving on—next destination: Iloilo.

I texted gretel for this. I know she’s currently studying in UP Iloilo and I wanted to see her even if it’s only for a moment. But I had a lowbatt cellphone so when I reached Iloilo, I couldn’t text her anymore.

And wow! Iloilo is our destination for learning about agriculture. And we went to the Garin Farm to do just that. I just love the fresh milk ice drop with the chocolates drop in that farm. Even with the animal smell enveloping the area, the food still tastes great.

Finally, some place to stay!!!

hahai….my roomies for the night were: Sheemah, Michelle, Kainne, Jasmin. 🙂

I was so exhausted that I slept after I ate.

Sayang, it was fun that night because boys were knocking on our doors trying to scare us….they had a hard time waking me up from my slumber.

6AM time to go to the most awaited place in our entire fieldtrip!! BORACAY!!!

It’s five hours away!!! haha…kapoya na oi.

SO, in summary—five hours passed….we stopped once because one girl fainted and vomited. no,…wait…vomited and fainted. It can’t be the other way round.

Finally, AKLAN!!! 🙂

About 20 more minutes and it’s the white sands, people!!!

But it was kinda scary to ride on the boat because we were told to wear life jackets—-JUST IN CASE.

We reached Boracay 12:30 NN for our lunch, after washing off—some people actually failed to take a bath because of our early departure, we were summoned to the seminar.

Guys, I know I’ve been excited about the Banana Ride but oh no….I failed to ride one because we didn’t know it was only until 5:30PM and we chose to walk around Boracay for the afternoon and taking a swim at night.

But I’ve got a contact number of a guy who handles those kind of rides so next time we go to Bora, I have a guy who I can call.

At night—-after taking a bath, we walked from Station 3 (where we were staying) to Station 1 (the Sosyal station)….we walked around wearing dresses, doning some make-up because it was Jessa’s birthday…and she was requiring all the people surrounding her to be beautiful. Joke. hehe. Happy Birthday, Jessa. Thanks for treating us in Boracay.

I suppose I have something to say on what happened in the early hours of the next day but I did promise….What happens in Boracay, stays there. But it was a fun yet a learning experience. heeh. Go cha and Jess! 🙂

Early morn for another departure—we left Boracay while it rained there. It was only rain in Boracay—-but what happened in Dumaguete?

After reaching Bacolod, we heard that Dumaguete was very flooded. If there was such a word as flooded, it would best fit the situation, I think.

In summation, we can’t go home—-YET.

So we stayed overnight in Bacolod instead of leaving for Dumaguete.

Wow. So is this a good thing that we left Dumaguete? I’m not that sure.

But two people died because of the flood.

The bridge was covered in water.

We reached Dumaguete at 3PM and the flood was all cleared up—-but the places we saw before reaching Dumaguete was still feeling the effects of the flood. I saw at least two houses whose furniture were removed because it was muddy.

I was worried that I left my underwear in Bacolod—-but I left something far more important…my laptop charger!!!

ARGH> It’s on its way to me naman pud.

Things that I have learned and experienced that wasn’t included in the fieldtrip package:

Aside from the boring but helpful fact that Negros Oriental was once the 2nd best sugar cane producing areas in the whole entire world, I FINALLY learned how to swallow a capsule…this is inevitable because for the days I’ve spent in the fieldtrip, I’ve taken 8 bonamines. And just this morning, I eyed my food supplement capsule and challenged myself. Am I going to be imprisoned by fear that the capsule would be stuck in my throat??? Am I going to be always the victim? So, I DID IT!!!!

I also experienced speaking tagalog that when I got home from the place, I almost blurted out in Tagalog. Most frequently used tagalog phrase? “Magkano ‘to?”

Most frequently used english phrase?? “How much??!”



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