To The End

“The story’s coming to an end
I’ll never be just giving in…
I’m living by a rolling dice
It’s closure but it’s in disguise.” (Marit Larsen, To the End)

I’m almost done downloading my old-time favorite movie…Death Becomes Her.
Try watching it when you have time.
I’ve always enjoyed watching it when I was a little kid. 

OOoh…although I do get second thoughts.. and this can’t be an ultimatum…I think slowly by slowly, the story’s coming to an end.

oOooh…that’s not my hand.
by the way,

i think there’s something wrong with me.
I think this is the semester that I am most sick…
there’s blood in my feces…
The taste on my throat is awful…
My stomach hurts most of the times—-but that’s ok, I can manage….

If I am going to be seriously hospitalized soon….which I hope I’m not,
I don’t know what I’m going to do.
I had a fever last sunday…it was brief…but kinda serious.
I was so hot starting at 11AM while I was working in the office…
And I tried to sleep it off but I can’t…
when I finally got out of bed, I jokingly told my roommate…”Please hold me, I’m hot.”
When I felt her hand….it was cold! But she was just as shock as well to find me very warm.
They checked my temperature and it was 38.6 celsius (is that the one with the letter C and the round degree sign? Hm…)
I wanted lugaw…
but where can i find lugaw when they call lugaw in dumaguete as dinuldog???


by the way, let me introduce to you a friend..her name’s jupee…
she’s the one I’m crazy about that’s why I join facebook.

JUPPIE in a race. my mouse pointer is on her eye.

not many people find her cute…but i think she’s got spunk and personality…and that matters.
how many beautiful people have lived in the world without the personality to bring it out, right? šŸ™‚

cheers! play petSociety in and look for me.

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