been online—-

I’m working on something right now sa office….but at the same time, I’m accessing my facebook account and xanga! 🙂
I’m kinda hungry—Dio and Kang left me. huhuhu…..
I’m making my database project here in the office too ((wonder if they’ll charge me with using office stuff inappropriately)).
do you think this sounds funny? when people ask me what my yahoo ID is and when i say cardboredmail….they ask…is that a joke? why’d you use that?

i dunno.

Bag-o lang gabrownout diri office….but the wi-fi was still on so it’s okay….and I’m using a laptop so di kaayo scary.
But there was one time, I went out of the office with Kang….
one night…
when we put the lock on the last door….
a guard was there in the shadows….
and he greeted us good evening….
and he also asked us if we were scared of the office….
was that really a guard?


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