looks like everyone’s having their helldays…

hi, it’s me again.
i guess it’s time to brighten up the dimmed lights.
I read this message and just had to react on some lines….
React on this when you can, O-girls….(Overboredrz…)

Kung kabilang ka sa huling taon ng dekada ’80 at mga unang taon ng ’90:

Kilala mo sina shaider, bioman at masked rider black
Yep! And a lot more cartoons and anime, if i might add. I quite don’t remember the title of this anime but I still vaguely remember this monkey-like boy with a sword that you can put in special stones—with elements….and who can forget the legendary Sailor Man….Though Dragon Ball Z was a hit…..I didn’t like it, I mostly stick with Ghostfighter….my one-box collection of cards!!!!

Kumakain ka nag humpy dumpy at tomi
Yeah…there was this time that it seemed like these junkfoods were out of the market….I was quite sadden….but then I found Taquitos…the red one was my favorite…but when they “hyped” out the taste, i didn’t like it anymore….so I am stuck with the black Taquitos which I learned to love….But Humpy Dumpy and Tomi are still in the market!! 😉

Naglaro ka ng 10-20 at langit lupa…
I don’t quite remember 10-20, I might have played it but I must have not known that it was a game called as such…..Langit Lupa, now that I remember, I so suck at that game.. I was like, “huh?” and they just poke me and say I’m it and condemned me for 10 minutes of being the devil….or just plainly being stuck in hell…. 🙂

Alam mo ang universal song na “uwian na”
I think I know this one but I need someone else with me to sing it in chorus….

Nagsayaw ka ng macarena, boombastic at tamagochi
Haha…I have pictures with my sister dancing macarena…we were like the entertainers of my father’s workplace when we were still young. I practiced macarena for how many days….but I liked the song Kung Fu Fighting when Ninjas were so ruling the movie industry. Boombastic? Tamagochi—yeah, I still love the beat and sometimes I hum that song to myself. I also love that Tamagochi toy….my pet won’t last for three days. hehe.

Alam mo ibig sabihin ng “time first” (mostly pronounced as taympers)
Yep, we usually use that on games especially in Lupa Langit when parents call your attention, you shout taympers! to your  playmates denoting immunity from any poking….

Alam mo na important ang “period, no erase!”
Love this one! It ends the conversation and people are so loyal to saying PERIOD NO ERASE…..But what I loved most was when Jo Marie and I would race on who gets to shout “Pinakagwapa exclamation point infinity” in one’s face first on school days.

Nilalagyan mo ng pritos ring bawat daliri mo
I guess I can remember this one quite well. But what I really like wearing on my fingers is the jumbo Barquilos….it helps avoid the mess.

Meron ka nag pencil case na madami pindutan
I got this Pokemon pencil case where I kept my KNIFE, THUMBTACKS, and THORNS to scare this boy who sometimes spend his vacation next door. I almost threw the knife at him…but then I realized….if i did, he’ll never return it.

Kilala mo si remy, cedie, princess sarah at blue blink
YEP!!!! hahaaha….still feel like princess sarah. Blue blink—–hm?

Natatawa ka noh? Tanda mo na….


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