“i mean, look at me”

do i look happy?

i used to think i look happier when i was younger….
at 7, i loved to supress my smile and scare other people away with my pout (refer to old pictures)—but i was happy
at 13, i like it when sir noronio noticed that i don’t laugh at his jokes during math class during my freshman year. it was normal, i didn’t think he was funny at all. hahaha. i think my dad’s a lot funnier than him.
and then now, 19—-old enough to drive a car, own a house, marry! earn a living, and look at me!

but then i think…maybe it’s natural….
to think that you were happier before than now….
i laugh and smile too much in pictures but i never really saw my old smile…
maybe that’s a product of change…

but i do still like this picture…

“the last time i saw that guy i loved was on the summer a few years ago,
and only now did i mourn for him…
i see him now and then but not as the guy i loved
he exists til now but he’ll never be the same again.”

GOSH! my cheeks are pinkish….PONDs actually work. 🙂

BUSY BUSY BUSY…..still in the portal office.


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