overnight sa office part 3

okay, so today is a different overnight from yesternight….
this is our second day of overnighting for our yearbook committee…hehe.
i’m not going to post my picture for now because i don’t know how i look like…and neither do I want to see myself.
Just a few hours ago, I treated my friends with ice cream…and dio bought wine—-he was supposed to buy a champagne but we didn’t find one so….

at Sted’s, 8:00PM
Dio: Are you sure this is the one?
Kang: No…
Ayleen: I’m sleepy…
Dio: Do you want red wine or white wine?
Chai: What about grape juice?
Kang: What’s the difference between champagne and wine?
Ayleen: I’ll sit over there, call me if you need me.
Chai: Maybe grape juice and champagne are the same thing.
Dio: haha, no it isn’t. So, do you want sweet wine?
Chai: Sweet!
Ayleen: What’s the other choice?
Dio: Novellino or Carlo Rossi?
Chai: Novellino
Dio: People say Novellino tastes good…
Chai: I’m going to buy some chocolates with rice krispies….who’s with me?

I’m gonna wake up early tomorrow…or should I say today because it’s 1:43AM right now…oOoh..the hour of love.
Kang and Ayleen are sleeping….and I’m following their example….
JP and Dio just came in.

Don’t know if I’ll have time to write here later….XOXO, chai gurl. šŸ™‚

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