It’s Earth’s day!!
And I haven’t been logging into the internet cause the signal I stole from the nearby internet cafe (i found out their password) wasn’t available from 8AM to 5PM since there was a scheduled black out for this.
Pero…Silliman didn’t celebrate Earth’s day so the electricity’s still on.

Do I really look haggard?
OMG..JP said that to me. hehe.

I think I look okay….
and that’s from a girl with a low self-esteem.
I slept at 4 AM, woke up at 7:50AM…
I’ve been acquainted with the computer for 3 days…
I haven’t slept in my bedroom in the boardinghouse…
I’ve been sleeping in the office…with Ayleen, Kang, Dio, JP…
I’ve drank wine, ate ice cream, cooked pancit canton for lunch (added pancakes kay kulang…)
—–but our work is not yet done.


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