morning allergies…overnight chapter nth


that’s what they call it…
morning allergies…
i always sneeze in the morning…now, I’m sneezing like crazy…


wish i could stop…no more hanky…
anyways, although the title is morning allergies…my reason for posting right here is: BEAUTY POP!! ๐Ÿ™‚
OOooh…I’m at the last chapter enjoying the extra comics…
now what am i going to look forward reading everytime i get free wi-fi….?
but few hours from now, I’ll go to sleep then wake up to drink coffee…hehe.

AFTER THIS JOB, I’ll use my salary to go on to a makeover spree….one outfit (dress/blouse and pants, pedicure, manicure, hairdo, Veet(?))….oOooh…i forgot to add a massage.
I wanna sleep na!!

Hopefully, dili na mi magover night again.


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