5:45 early in the morning
it’s a brand new horizon…

kidding. it’s 5:16AM…
that was just part of the song kuya karl made for the Valentine Songwriting Competition…
sleepy…the work is still not done.
i haven’t slept pa…huhuhuhuhuhuhu…

gag! i never thought i looked this bad…good thing there’s no mirror here in the office….there’s one outside though…

should i sleep? or should i move on providing i’ll give myself more sleeping hours in the daylight….4 hours instead of 2 hours…hehe…
my sister’s friend told  my sister that i am very narcissistic…hm? what makes a person narcissistic when loving yourself is the first step to loving others?


JP and Kang still working while i’m taking my workbreak….but still facing the computer…..Kang’s wearing the pink jacket…JP is that blue striped t-shirt guy who you might miss because he’s covered by the pc…
did you know he just screamed like a girl when he saw the time?
i guess he was expecting daylight time to be hours away….

the laptop i’m using is currently connected to one of the guys below….look how sweet they are…..i can’t believe dio would sleep with headphones on.

Jayem is the guy with the malong…i wonder if he finished his psychology write-ups…. he’s been on the net all the time.

if you see that other malong person on the bench, that’s my boardmate who’s completely not part of the yearbook committee…she just doesn’t want to sleep alone….so she came with us for four days straight enduring no-bath for 24 hours straight, peeing in the public CR, sleeping on a bench….

i love ayleen!

and here’s uhm…my BED for the past four nights…hehe. i used the table even though it’s missing some legs in the middle….i don’t care if it’s a bit jiggly….at least it can support my weight. hehe. it’s piled up with things for now…but if i decide to sleep, i’ll just slam down the things on the floor…including those two laptops…kidding….i think….but if desperation calls, i will answer the phone.


hm…back to work!!!
not gonna sleep yet.


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