just another story.

once upon a time, everything was just absolutely perfect.
the all’s well that ends well is not a story but a life at that time people were leaving in.
you find your prince charming,
whether he’s riding a horse,
shoveling out manure in the stable (a horse stable—-why is it always a horse?),
or he’s really a true blue royal prince charming with his butt nailed on a throne ((girls have different tastes, some adore dumb blonds believing these carry their country…when all they do is let others carry it for them)).

but then the perfect isn’t IN anymore.
after finding the man of your dreams, the bigger problem starts.
it’s like where was bird flu fifty years ago?
all the other diseases that were considered deadly are now curable…why discover a new virus?

here are a few stories on relationship…in short words:
he cheats. or you cheat.
he’s smart. you’re smart.
he’s dumb. you’re dumb.
he wants something you don’t want to give.
you want something he doesn’t want to give.

the perfect relationship ends with one of these statements.
just another story.


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