the problem.

my laptop’s broken.
i let someone checked it out (in Youdel, an authorized center for Acer or something like that).
And he wrote, distributed screen…or maybe it was destroyed screen, or distorted screen.
So my computer every time it’s turned on, the screen is pushed down to one area…
and the resolution is horrible.

another problem:
“it’s not the break up that hurts most…
it’s the post trauma that follows it..
it’s waking up and checking up your cellphone for the message that isn’t there…
it’s like starting your life over again and you have no idea where to begin..”

True. Oh so true.
But I have decided to stop sending him SPAM messages to annoy him.
I’ve decided to live life thinking I don’t have a boyfriend so I don’t actually expect him to do anything for me.
He’s only my boyfriend when he texts and is physically there.

So sad…but i guess that’s his style.

By the way, I’m looking for a watch…
but I’m also looking for a picture to post in this blog of mine….


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