tis are the bad days…

the rain…
walking alone, chasing pavements…
what have i done to deserve this?
there was a slight moment at that time
when i thought i just have to keep my umbrella in my bag
and ran around crazy in the 6PM streets of dumaguete city.
let the tears run down and no one would notice it…
but then i realized…it was so cliche and unoriginal.
AND i also realized that my phone was ringing and sheemah was on the line…
she asked me to fetch her because she’s stranded in our library….HEAVY rain.

but then there are good things today:
(1) fetching sheemah and her calling me ‘her savior’—it turns out we were chatting for almost an hour so fetching her was useless since the rain already stopped.
(2) i watched the first episode of ‘Only You’ in ABS-CBN—haha, sheemah and nicole were conscious when they say Angel Locsin’s boobs….but i think nicole shouldn’t be conscious….we also wore make-up and took some pictures which is why i went home 10PM (and i just heard this freaky story about the HE building of the high school department which was in front of our boarding house. haha.
(3) i helped alexa in her dubai problem and drew the 7-star hotel (she told me many times what the name was but i always forget) on a piece of cloth with a chalk to add to her display for HBO.
(4) laurence texted me! well…i texted him first but at least he replied…it’s a great effort for him to text me man pud…hay..sometimes i wish he would be more affectionate but i don’t go into a relationship thinking i could change a person because he is who he is. and by the way. i read a part on the bible (because i missed the weekly mass) which said, “But he is unchangeable…” wow…what a coincidence.
(5) nica texted me and i told her i might be able to go home during labor day…which is by the way, this friday. haha. i haven’t told shong yet because he might not be too excited and he gets tired walking around with me naman pud…hay.
(6) we finished our t-shirt project. will post pics soon.

bad things that happened: (won’t make it long)
(1) lost my glasses (good thing, alexa has it)
(2) destroyed my laptop (this is exaggerated but hey! maybe this is the right word)
(3) gotta move out of the boarding house by may 20 (hm…this may not be a bad thing since i really don’t like the landlady at all, but the hastiness is tiring).
(4) lost my umbrella (will go to jollibee later to retrieve it)
(5) hm…



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