to the dream that turned out to be a nightmare

now, i remember!


quite distinctly actually…
i never thought i allowed myself to forget such important details.
what happened to my philosophy: “History repeats itself but if we learn history we won’t be making the same mistakes.”
That’s probably why they keep history in the curriculum; it’s not because we should be aware of the culture of our ancestors…it’s for us to see the repetitions…the patterns. Let Nostradamus fail in his predictions for his predictions are still applicable as of today—-since our mistakes never stopped with our being able to let the lessons pass through the space between our ears.
cdo or camiguin? i’m available for both but one i can handle. my stomach may not be packed up for multiple throw-ups soon. and honestly, kring…i can handle the drug addicts if it helps you get a few days off in the OJT of yours. Nica, i’m sure camiguin’s nice….but what about your qualifying exams? Sheela, I’m on for both as long as nica and kring2 are coming.
haha. πŸ™‚


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