gonna stop to smell the roses

alternate title: greeted by the rain

all along, my mind was trying to focus on two words: don’t vomit.
i looked around and see i’m in angeley’s car on my way home.
his dad is driving her car, i think angeley either—did not have her license yet or she didn’t know how to drive her car yet.
but my mind drifted on the “don’t” part and the word VOMIT seemed to echo on my two ears.
and i did throw up.
not in the nice car…good thing.
just outside after we had our late lunch.
i felt good until i burped.
and out comes the 40php meal i just spent on.
and the rest of the trip went find and two new words are in my mind: just sleep.
and probably there’s a subtitle after those two words: don’t embarass yourself again.
thankfully, my mind listened this time and i slept through the whole trip…until:
angeley’s dad mentioned about being in clarin.
i felt a jolt shivering my whole body.
I’m almost there.
Hay…i don’t feel nauseous anymore. haha.
i got home…got to eat all the food i ate.
then i slept early.
so, i’m here.
and i’ve decided to STOP the “to the…blahblahblah” posts and decide to tell the story of my coming home.
hehe…i’ll be around the city…:)

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